WAMGROUP- four decades of experience and know-how in waste water treatment technology


WAMGROUP stands for state-of-the-art waste water treatment solutions distributing RONCUZZI Archimedean Screw Pumps, as well as Screens, Clarifiers and Thickeners, Grit Treatment Equipment, Compact Pre-treatment Plants, Septage Receiving Stations, Compactors, and Penstocks by SPECO and SAVI.

Moreover, WAMGROUP offers advanced Aggregate Reclaiming and Waste Water Purifying Systems for Concrete Plants.

WASTEMASTER TSF - Compact Plants for Mechanical Effluent Pre-treatment.


Complete mechanical pre-treatment in a single compact plant

WASTEMASTER TSF efficiently combines between two and three functions of pre-treatment of sewage from civil or industrial installations.

The WASTEMASTER TSF carries out different processes: de-watering and compacting of screened solid waste, separation of sand/grit and removal of floating, greasy matter.


During the process solids, sand/grit and greasy matter present in the sewage are removed in order to avoid overloading of the downstream treatment system. Waste water enters the plant and is processed by means of separation by screw screen.


Subsequently, a sedimentation process and the extraction of the sand or grit takes place. In the TSF3-model an additional degreasing device sees to the removal of fats and suspended solids using an aeration system and a special floating scraper.

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