The First Wastewater Pumping System with Integrated Intelligence

ALMEX-BG Ltd  ( Xylem _FLYGT) is going to present the World’s First Wastewater Pumping System with Integrated Intelligence.

Flygt ConcertorTM is fully integrated system that offers a unique synergy between software functions and state-of-the-art hardware. Build in the submersible pump Frequency Converter have programmed functions for cleaning of sump, pipe, impeller, energy minimizer, etc. Market leading N technology of the impeller offer unmatched clog-free performance and efficiency.

Flygt ConcertorTM is suitable for all wastewater application including raw unscreened sewage.

Customer benefits

   - Trouble free pumping – clog free operation;

- Energy savings – up to 70% energy savings compared to conventional pumps and controls;

- Efficient  asset management – inventory will be reduced by up to 80%;

- Reduced Investment – up to 50% smaller cabinets compared to direct online cabinets.


Hall 4, stand B2