On 6 March in Sofia WATER TECH EXPO opens its doors to technologies in the water sector

The international exhibition starts together with Architecture-Building Week and SECURITY EXPO


From 6 March to 8 March WATER TECH EXPO opens its doors in Inter Expo Center, Sofia. The focus of the only international exhibition in Bulgaria for the water sector this year will be water management in the industrial sectors, organisers from Inter Expo Center in Sofia announced.

Monitoring and control technologies for waste-water treatment in energy, food, pharmaceuticals, textile industry, agriculture and irrigation undergo continuous development, quality requirements become more demanding and investments grow.

In its effort to conserve one of the most essential resources – water, the exhibition will focus on technological progress in the sector development worldwide.

New modern solutions from all over the world will be the force of attraction, so that the management of water resources in Bulgaria can be improved. WATER TECH EXPO will continue to be the only exhibition for industrial and public water management in Bulgaria.

On 6 March the established conference BULAQUA will also be held, organized by the Bulgarian Water Association (BWA). The eleventh edition of the event will be on the topic “European legislation”. It will cover changes in the European legislation in the water sector. BWA will also conduct a technical meeting under the European project WATenERgy CYCLE.

For the first time in 2019 WATER TECH EXPO will be held in parallel with the international exhibition ARCHITECTURAL - BUILDING WEEK, which from 6 March to 9 March will combine the topics of residential, office and industrial construction. At the same time the only security exhibition in Bulgaria SECURITY EXPO will take place. SECURITY EXPO focuses on new security technologies for home, office and industry. Smart technologies are oriented towards the future and are the highlight of these three exhibitions in Inter Expo Center, Sofia. The efficient use of all resources is related to a synergy between their sustainable management, energy efficient, ecological and functional construction and smart technologies.


From 6 March to 9 March 2019 WATER TECH EXPO, ARCHITECTURAL - BUILDING WEEK and SECURITY EXPO will be expecting their professional audience with a new burst of energy, a variety of technological solutions, extensive accompanying programme and bilateral business meetings between companies from several continents.

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