Innovative Water Sofia 2018 products find leaks before it is too late

A condition for quality and low operating costs is to use durable materials

A new generation of devices for locating leaks in the system are among the exhibits of the international Water Sofia 2018 Forum this year. The only specialized exhibition for the water sector in Bulgaria will be held from 27 to 29 March. Over 100 world-famous brands of Bulgarian and international companies will present products and technologies for water extraction, purification and water treatment.

MEGGER Bulgaria will present a new generation of leak detectors. Their biggest advantage is that they timely, quickly, and easily detect leaks in underground pipelines.

An automatic three-way air relief valve with effective ventilation protects the pipeline from vacuum. The high-speed air release prevents premature closure. This is just one of the new products by leading manufacturers that will be offered by DM Armaturen.

A new generation of fittings allows complete locking of the pipe to ensure there will be no displacement during installation.

Repairs to the pipeline are possible via special brackets. In this way it is possible to drill without interruption of the flow of water.

The future of water measurement belongs to ultrasonic water meters. Intelligent alarms detect leakages, mechanical damages, backflow in a timely manner, thus reducing water loss. Ultrasonic water meters with extreme accuracy make remote reading possible. The perfect solution for permanent marking and detection of strategic points from the underground communication are intelligent systems for radio frequency identification of underground networks.

Hydrophore systems provide impeccable water pressure to all taps. Successfully applied in case of water supply from the water main, tanks or wells. The Hydro-Craft system is one of the quietest in its class.

The ways to stop leakages are varied as long as builders, designers and developers are prepared to insist on that.

The most important condition for quality is to input durable materials that give full guarantee of watertightness and reduce operating costs, says Emil Dimitrov, representative of Steinzeug Keramo, the leading manufacturer of glass ceramic pipes in Europe.

Visitors may find the complete spectrum of durable materials and a new generation of water sector products at the Water Sofia Business Forum.