Croatia Ilocka 27, 10 000 ZAGREB

PRotOK Ltd. is a company which has specialized in the design and implementation of IT systems for utility companies (mainly for water supply and sewage systems) based on GIS technology. Our interdisciplinary staff (civil, surveying ant IT engineers), along with more than twenty-year experience, guarantee that our software solution is tailored just for utility companies. Among more than 30 modules that have been tailored just for utility companies there are:

  • Module for Water Loss Management according to IWA methodology
  • Module for connecting GIS and SCADA system an GIS and Business IT system
  • Module for optical inspection of sewers (CCTV)
  • Investment monitoring module
  • Testing of hydrants
  • Module for data export to software for hydraulic modelling

Besides software development, PRotOK Ltd. also provides data input, education of users, maintenance and technical support. As an IT company, PRotOK Ltd. often supports design companies in order to help with the realization of their projects.

The most significant references are utility companies from Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Pula in Croatia and Maribor, Novo mesto, Celje in Slovenia.


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