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  • Laboratory Technics Engineering, the trademark of MEDICAL TECHNICS ENGINEERING Ltd., is the authorized dealer of leading European manufacturers of general and specialized laboratory equipment of the following brands:
    Leica Microsytems, Germany&Switzerland - Light and stereomicroscopes, digital cameras and specialized software;
  • Walter Uhl, Germany – optical measuring systems, microhardness
  • testers
  • Bruker Optics, Germany - FT-IR, NIR, Raman, Terahertz spectrometers, monochromators;
  • Biochrom, UK - UV/Vis spectrometers, ELISA systems;
  • Velp Scientifica, Italy - Dumas Nitrogen/Protein Analyzers, Kjeldahl Digestion/ Distillation Units, Solvent Extractors, Raw/Dietary Fiber Analyzers, COD/BOD Analysis, Refrigerated Thermostats and Incubators, Flocculators, Mineralization System for Heavy Metals Trace Determinations, Turbidimeter, magnetic stirrers, etc.
  • Mettler Toledo, Switzerland – pH/Ion/DO/Cond meters, sensors, buffers, standards and electrolytes, portable refractometers and density meters, gold and carat balances,
  • pippetes
  • Ohaus, Switzerland (Mettler Toledo Group) – Analytical, precision and technical balances, moisture analyzers, laboratory centrifuges
  • Evoqua, Germany – Laboratory systems for pure and ultrapure water
  • Binder, Germany - Thermostats (incubators), СО2 incubators, dry sterilizers, drying chambers, vacuum dryers;
    Liebherr, Germany - refrigerators, freezers;
    Faster, Italy - vertical and horizontal laminar boxes, microbiological laminar boxed of class II, fume cupboards, ultra-freezers.
  • SMEG, Italy – laboratory washing machines;
    GFL, Germany - freezers, water baths, water baths-shakers, destillers and bi-destillers, incubator-shakers, hybridization incubators, mini incubators, shakers;
    Carl Roth, Germany - everything for the laboratory from one source


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