Bulgaria Sofia; 100, Evlogy Georgiev Blvd, fl. 4, app.7
C 5a

The main activity of EnviroChemie is water and industrial waste water treatment. We offer to our customers, products and services, which represent the most advanced and innovative solutions is this field. EnviroChemie has developed also technologies for industrial water recycling, recovery of valuable components from the waste water and zero discharge. Due to our experience for more than 38 years we are able to offer a large range of state-of-art solutions, based on physico-chemical, biological and membrane processes, ionexchange and thermal treatment, as well as sterilization/decontamination. Our team consists of highly qualified, well trained and strongly motivated specialists, which consult, plan, build and maintain water treatment plants. This enables the company to earn a reputation for its reliability, professionalism and quality on the world market and in Bulgaria. Our main goal is to be a reliable long-term partner of our industrial customers due to our proven technologies, innovation and technical know-how.


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